Climate Masters of Nebraska Program

Come learn about climate change and ways to reduce your carbon footprint at the 10-week Climate Masters of Nebraska course. Topics include:

  • Climate Change - The first class will take you through the basics of climate change from a global to local perspective.
  • Consumption and Waste - This section will focus on ways to reduce consumption and therefore lead to less waste. Local solid waste operations will be discussed too.
  • Home and Renewable Energy - Learn ways to reduce your energy bills and about different types of renewable energy sources and which are the most cost-effective in Nebraska.
  • Food - Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint by buying and eating locally.
  • Yards - Learn about the various sources of emissions from yards and ways to reduce them.
  • Water Conservation - Conserving water is extremely important for our future. This session will give you new tips on conserving this precious resource.
  • And, more!

As a Climate Master participant, you will get to learn about all these topics from experts in these fields. At the end of the course, you will share your experience with others in the community through volunteer projects of your choice.

Climate Masters of Nebraska is open to anyone (over 19) who has an interest in learning more about climate change and wants to lead a greener life.

Please contact us if you have any questions.