About Us

Tonya Bernadt

Project Coordinator

Tonya has extensive experience with environmental sustainability not only through her degrees, but also through her work at the Environmental Health and Safety Department (at UNL), WasteCap Nebraska, Midland Recycling, and, most recently, at the National Drought Mitigation Center.

Natalie Umphlett

Project Assistant

As regional climatologist for the High Plains Regional Climate Center, Natalie has experience providing climate services to a wide range of stakeholders.  She is also the Center's outreach coordinator and has done science activities and trainings with people ranging from pre-schoolers to college professors.

Climate Masters History

Climate Masters of Nebraska is one of three Climate Masters programs in the nation. The program was originated by The Resource Innovation Group in Oregon in 2008 and within the first year, participants had already reduced their carbon footprints by two tons per person! Current courses are administered through Oregon State University in Benton County and the Santa Fe Watershed Association in New Mexico.

For more information about the various Climate Masters programs available, please visit the The Resource Innovation Group's Climate Education page here.